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In 1968, the trustees of the Sayles family strategically dismantled Sayles Finishing Plant, their one-hundred year old textile finishing operation headquartered in the Saylesville village of Lincoln, Rhode Island. Following a landmark United States Court of Claims decision [399 F2d 214 5-64] Sayles Finishing Plants, Inc. v. United States, wherein trustees were not considered investors, assets were liquidated and the sprawling dominant manufacturing complex, fed by the Barney Reservior along the Mossassuck River, was efficiently apportioned. In the tradition established by previous Barney family endowments, much of the Sayles land was donated to state and local governments for community use. Barney Cottage, constructed by Frank and Marie in 1949, still remains in the Gibson family and represents one of the last real estate holdings of the original endowment.

Today, the successors of the Barney Trust carry on the family tradition by investing in sophisticated digital commerce merchandising. Partnering with progressive best-in-class retail merchants, we market spectacular, well-priced showcased menswear, resortwear, assessories and gear with a watersports theme. We serve a growing niche market and consistantly strive to deliver better gear for better guys...

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