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How can I get a coupon?
We post coupons on our Customer Service page. If you cannot find one, we will always send one via Email, just ask.
Does GuySwim sell outside the United States?
It is not our focus but if an order is accepted, we could. While our products are largely imported, we do not usually export outside the Americas. Please contact Customer Service with the particulars of a specific international request.
Does GuySwim have retail stores?
We once did. Our flagship store was located on Charles Street in North Providence, Rhode Island. Our Ecommerce channel was growing faster than the Brick and Mortar venue. We opted for the expanding Web-enabled marketplace. Certain products are made available through retail partners with stores in select US regions. Please visit our E-Catalog
Is there a printed catalog?
We could easily convert our web pages to print if enough customers expressed interest in the printed version. Thus far, our website version and periodic email flyers have been quite well received. We plan to continue this manner of distribution until a better technology evolves.
Do you take telephone orders?
Yes. Customers can order most apparel products via telephone: (800) 262-8464. In some parts of the United States, we partner with retailers for order fulfillment purposes and we strive to make this experience as seamless as possible.
Are you guys hiring?
We are a family-operated trust. In most cases we do not hire directly. We do, however, work with partners in the United States that regularly post jobs for our partnered business initiatives. If you are contemplating a job change, please check out the fashion merchandising job postings. One piece of advice: is OK to conduct your job search in swim trucks but we do not recommend wearing them to the interview.
What if my question is not on this list?
That means that not enough of your peers have wondered the same thing enough to make it commonplace. That is how these querries land on an FAQ page. Still, if you have something original, Email Customer Service   and our team will eventually get you an answer. We also have a Facebook social media page where comments, questions and postings are welcome. menswear: better gear for better guys...