kg US Textiles Trust  


kg US Textiles Trust is a financing channel for Small Business Merchants seeking growth capital. Established businesses or Start-up Principals can request private equity financing. We understand small business because we know what it's like to run a retail menswear shop!

Private Equity: Enabling small business growth through merchant funding, financing and capital infusions.

Advantages For Small Business Merchants:
Put your streamlined request in front of our lending team TODAY!
Start-up seed capital
Fixed Asset, Real Estate, Inventory or Working Capital
Flexible Funding requirements between $10,000 and $250,000
Expedited Private Equity Decisions
Closing Agents Throughout the United States

Investing in the fabric of our future...

Contact us today to get flexible growth financing for your small business.

Sleepwear For Guys
Steve Madden Exclusives

Travel & Sports Bags

Commercial loan servicing for kg US Textiles Trust provided under exclusive agreements.