Privacy Policy and Terms of Use menswear revised: June 5, 2015

Customer Information
We collect as little customer information as necessary to fill customer orders. Data is collected by reliable payment processing agents and credible transaction tracking services to facilitate order fulfillment. We do not sell our customer data.
Protecting Data
We use reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect customer data. We select our service providers carefully. When orders are processed by affiliates, it will be transparent to our customers. In concert with our service providers, we embrace technology and strive to make the e-commerce experience as safe and fulfilling as possible. Every consumer must acknowledge that there are technical risks associated with on-line buying that are beyond our control and demand heightened consumer responsibility.
Email Marketing
Prospecting mailing lists are leased from third party marketing services that supply demographics suggesting an interest in men's swimwear and resort casual apparel. Our goal is informational: showing new products to consumers who share our interest in men's swimwear and resort casual apparel. As required by anti-span laws, our Email marketing communications include a consumer Opt Out instruction. Following the instructions would remove your address from the syndicated source list. See:
The catalog list supports broadcast Email from our own database. This is how we show product previews and communicate catalog specials. We require very little information to subscribe and we do not sell this list to anybody else.
Search Marketing
Based on web searching behavior, ads may appear in your browser search window. With the permission of other website operators, our ads may even show up in the margin of their webpages. We welcome consumer suggestions about the content of these ads.
Tracking Cookies
These are machine code segments that land in the customer's web browser for the purpose of monitoring user activity. Our transaction and tracking service providers may use Session Cookies (temporary) and Persistent Cookies (permanent) to monitor our marketing activity and effectiveness. We do not have our own tracking cookies. For more information about cookies, see: All About Cookies.
Customer Correspondence
When Customers and other Visitors send inquiries to or kgResortWear, the return address (and content of the inquiry) is used to answer the question or address the problem. We do not use the return address, email address or other information for any other purpose and only share identifying information when required by law.
This website is not intended for children (of any age). Minors, visiting eBusiness websites, should only do so with appropriate parental or guardianship guidance.
Terms of Use
Site visitors may be able to access Internet Websites owned by third parties and available through links from this site. Visitors must understand and agree that use of those third party sites will be governed by the privacy policies and terms of those specific sites and not by this privacy policy. We are not responsible for the actions of any third party site operators. Use of our website is contingent upon your understanding of our privacy policy and terms, as amended. We operate through file servers located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We serve customers in the United States of America in accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code of the United States of America and reserve the right to refuse any transaction, without recourse. Non US citizens and those who lack the capacity to enter into a business contract are prohibited from making transactions at this site. menswear: