kgResortWear operates with three distinct business units:

Style Acquisition (Showcase Market Initiatives)

Fashion House, Saylesville, Rhode Island, houses our premier design initiative. Styles are brought to life through our Global Product Sourcing group, managing every detail of brand and private label development. Close collaboration with Category Management, provides effective product placement within seasonal lines and distinct style showcases. Style development, integrated with Marketing Communications insures crisp and timely creative positioning in both print and digital media promotions; as well as immediate inclusion in our enterprise content management library. Fashion House orchestrates high-impact, customer-centric product launches for the United States menswear marketplace through the dissemination of carefully researched merchandising campaigns.

Promotional Communications

The Tech Campus, Burlington, Massachusetts, serves as a microcosm of creative promotional communications; E-commerce, Information Technology running atop Apache Server platform topology. Our technology campus integrates application management with Transaction Team Initiatives. Using Secure Socket Layer protocols, our point of sale transactions are empowered to map style, color, size and other product attributes with availability statistics and monetary order processing. Our world-class coupling of Finance and Information Technology brings our merchandising infrastructure to life with the click of a mouse and a delivery to your mailbox.
NYC Office

Supply Channel Operations

Materials Management and Distribution Logistics are the key components that drive our ability to leverage a large, regional, retail network with an end-to-end global supply chain. Coordination of Point-of-Order sales with Place of merchandise distribution enables our dynamic E-commerce model to rapidly respond to consumer demand. The cornerstone of forecasting Point-of-Purchase requirements rests upon using our Days of Inventory application to balance stock positions across the supply chain. menswear: better gear for better guys...